A Mini-Convergence

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Oo-de-Lally, Pow Pow, Sally
QIC: Teasip

AO: Track at SMU

SSH x12, IST x12, Daisy Pickers x8

Mosey over to the track. Run a lap, 10 Merkins, then run another lap, followed by 10 Burpees.

At this point, Rump and the #2ndchoicers met us at the track for a mini-convergence with the F3 Deck of Death. We would draw a card, then follow that with a running section of a different kind (listed below).

Uptown crunch x12, followed by a backwards run

Lunge walk 100m, followed by running two laps (which Aaarrrggghhh smartly realized is half a mile)

6 Bonnie Blairs, followed by a lap of running 100 m, shuffling 100m, backpedaling 100m and shuffling the last 100 m

High knees for 100 m and 9 Ranger Merkins, followed by a 4x100x4 (the five PAX split up at the 4 corners of the track. First PAX ran 100m and tagged the next PAX who ran 100m and tagged the next one. Keep going until all PAX finished a lap).

Done in the workout

YHC prayed us out

YHC got a late night message from Rump with the proposal to do a mini-convergence and since YHC hadn’t planned out the workout, decided that would be fun. Sally was quick to give some sarcastic props for my “creativity” on the workout when we got to the track and ran the first lap, but unbeknownst to him and the rest of the PAX, we were just killing time until the #2ndchoicers arrived. It was a fun time and good to have everyone together. Not a lot of mumblechatter as we were spread out and sucking wind. Some slight confusion to start the 4x100x4, but that was quickly fixed and it worked like a charm.

1. Q Source tomorrow at 11:30. Preston Center
2. #2ndF golf event October 5

3. CSAUP Nov 1