Rump & Co. with friends… Round 2 vs. the Deck of Death!

Date: 9/19/2019
Temp: 77 – felt like 70!
Weather: Amazing, noce and cool with a slight breeze

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX:  Sweet Baby, Sex Panther, Ultra, Ambercrombie, and one Willy Loman Oracle from Houston 
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park 

Disclaimer: Given

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama  
SSH’s x20 IC
IST’s x20 IC
Cotton Pickers  x10 IC
Ranger Merkins x10 IC

 Mosey to Track:

Meet up with “the runners” and joined them on a warm-up lap around the track. 

Tha Thang:  

I had a little plan in place to casually “bump” into #TheRunners this morning after warm-o-rama. Teasip met us at the track for a mini-convergence with the F3 Deck of Death. We would draw a card, do the exercise and then, The Runners would follow that with a running section. Second Choice Thursday being all about alternative choices… We had the option to run with Teasip and the gang or stay and draw another card and do that exercise until the last runner was in.

– Uptown crunch x12, followed by a backwards run || We drew high plank for 90secs. which was about perfect for one lap (Noted that Sweet Baby abandoned 2ndCT to run this round)
– Lunge walk 100m, followed by running two laps (which Aaarrrggghhh smartly realized is half a mile) || We drew Burpee’s to which I informed the guys we should be able to complete roughly 50 vs. 1/2mi. and I believe I got to 48 I noticed Sweet Baby stayed this round!
– 6 Bonnie Blairs, followed by a lap of running 100 m, shuffling 100m, backpedaling 100m and shuffling the last 100 m || Believe it was side squats next. Not knowing exactly what it was we did side lunges. it sounded easy till about halfway through when they got really hard.
– High knees for 100 m and 9 Ranger Merkins,  then we moseyed back to Burleson for some Mary…


Fluter Kickes x15 IC
Penguin Crunches x15 IC

Circle of Trust/BOM: YHC prayed us out

Moleskin: Waterboy a friend from Houston F3 linked me up with Oracle since he was visiting and he could not have been any closer. After talking him into showing up to the “non-running” AO he kinda got screwed on that deal. I was here scratchin’ my head around 920pm and had always wanted to plan something with the other AO on Thursdays. With a few back and forths via Band, we had it all figured out and would “bump” into each other at the track around 0540 the next morning. After our warm-up, we moseyed to the track and it was perfect… It wasn’t until we were actually on the track that some of the Pax we’re like “Hey… Is that??? Teasip… Arrrrrrgggghhhh… Sally… What the heck?” and a little unexpectedly we joined them in a lap around the track. Then Teasip and I let everyone on the deal. I like how Sweet Baby ran one extra lap around the track and then decided to stay with us! Also, Sex Panther, pulling the burpee card and trying to run at the last second! I’m pretty sure Ultra hated EVERYTHING after warm-o-rama, which lets me know I did a decent job. Mumble chatter was plentiful but largely spread out across the track and the 2 different groups but I remeber giving Sally a hard time more than once. I think overall it was a good beatdown with enough running or not! Thanks to the Pax for keeping time for the group, we finished right on time. #RumpandCo. #2ndCT #choices

1. Q Source tomorrow at 11:30. Preston Center2.
#2ndF golf event October 5. Talk to Sex Panther if you plan on attending
3. CSAUP Nov 1