Achieving Shoulder Goals Day 2/Noah’s Ark Repeat

PAX: Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Ultra, Sally, Coach K, Chairman Mao, Sex Panther, Pop Up (F3 St. Louis), FOG (FNG fka Jim Recer)

QIC: Alright Alright

10 men gathered in a cool (by August standards), damp gloom for what they thought would be the annual Tour de France workout.  However, based on a number of key absences and the late arrival of a couple PAX it was decided that the Tour should be postponed once again.  Instead, YHC decided to bring back the Noah’s Ark workout from a Friday morning in January.  Coincidentally it rained on that day as well.


SSH x30

IST x15

Merkins x10

Squats x10

Tha Thang

Mosey to Benches

Erkins x12

Dips x10

Mosey to Quad

Ark Loader – Dora Style

Partner 1: Exercise, Partner 2: Bear Crawl around the fountain, flapjack, after both partners have Bear Crawled switch to Crab Walks, after Crab Walks switch to Duck Walks. Modification: Run 3 laps around the fountain


Merkins – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Nipplers – 150

Knee Ups – 200

Erkins – 250

Yeah Thrusts – 300

Mosey back to Launching Point

Circle of Trust

YHC prayed us out with a prayer that Sally said he had heard me use before.  As many times as YHC has Q’ed it is not surprising that the message has been recycled.  However, YHC will try to come up with a more creative message next time.


The FOG received his name by saying that instead of FNG he was an FOG for “F***ing Old Guy.”  We thought that made perfect sense.  He’s about to become a double respect.

Even Coach K mentioned that this workout was a lot/borderline too much upper body.

The PAX all agreed that this tested our mental toughness as much as our physical ability.  All of the PAX had to embrace the suck to get through it.

The rain was a welcome addition to this morning’s workout. But the folks at Bubba’s might not have appreciated the soaking wet chairs.


Sally and Rump Roast birthday celebration tonight at HG Supply Co. at 1900.