Rapunzel’s Ladder

Aaarrrggghhh Oatmeal Draper Teasip Ina Coach K Sally joined Icebox for some Katy Trail Thursday action

Inspired by the fairy tales I’m reading to Annie we attempted to do Rapunzel’s Ladder, here’s the thang

1/4 mile: 5 rugby sit-ups
1/4 mile: 35 merkins
1/4 mile: 10 rugby sit-ups 
1/4 mile: 30 merkins
1/4 mile: 15 rugby sit-ups
1/4 mile: 25 merkins
1/4 mile: 20 rugby sit-ups (single count)
1/4 mile: 20 merkins
1/4 mile: 25 rugby sit-ups (single count)

Started to run short on time so we ran a mile via Native American run and then moseyed back to La Madeline

Those with watches had us just over 4 miles. Oatmeal led the pack from the get go, which was good since he was wearing a fluorescent shirt. Teasip chippendaled from the start and proceeded to yell “howdy” at about 50 people on the trail…but only 3 said hi back, made me wonder if people are freaked out by 1/2 naked men running on the KT in the dark shouting at them.

Coach K followed Teasip’s lead and also started talking to strangers…kidding, Coach doesn’t talk to anyone who isn’t a puppy at 0530

Not a lot of mumblechatter from the PAX, we were all pretty gassed at the end and we didn’t take many breaks from the action.