AlrightAlright’s FUNdamentals Beatdown

AO: Burleson Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial Storm Troopers IC x15
Overhead Claps IC x15
Squats IC x15

Mosey to benches
Dips x12
Right side Claymaker x12
Irkins x12
Left side Claymaker x12
Run to top of parking deck and back down
Plank for the six
Derkins x12
Box Jumps x12
The Bird x12
Alternating Step Ups x12 on each leg

Native American run to the quad

Dora 123
Partner 1 run around hedges (the Q was feeling generous and didn’t make the PAX run to the flagpole)
Partner 2 Carolina Dry Docks
Flapjack and repeato until team reaches 100
Then switch to Lunges up to 200
Then switch to World War I Sit Ups (go to 100) then switch again to Little Baby Crunches and do 200

Crawl Bear up the Library stairs
Bear Crawl down the Library stairs

Mosey to the abyss

Each PAX completes
5 burpees
10 lunges
15 imperial storm troopers
20 abyss merkins
25 plank Jacks

Mosey to the playground

Merkins while we wait for the six

Flutter Kicks
Low Dolly
Homer to Marge
Uptown Crunch
Penguin Crunch

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, Podcast, splash, F150, Pepper, Plus One, Teasip, FNG: Shake Weight
QIC: AlrightAlright

AlrightAlright asked God to help us be better leaders in our community

Lots of chatter early on about AlrightAlright being in a better mood than Wednesday thanks to the M being back in town. The PAX tried to throw off the counting early on. They were unable to do so. Always lots of grumbling on the crawl bears. Shake Weight received his name because he has a strong handshake…it got out of hand after that.

1. Aaarrrggghhh is still selling tickets to a charity show featuring Josh Abbott and Wade Bowen on Thursday June 7th
2. 2nd F Happy Hour on Friday June 8th. Pepper will send out details and perhaps even a poll.
3. 3rd F event on Saturday June 9th at 0830. Look for details from Chairman Mao
4. GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23