And the thunder rolled… 11/22/19

PAX: Sally, AlrightAlright, Rachel, PowPow, Draper, Ant Man, Pepper, Plus One
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park (parking garage)

SSH x 15 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Up east staircase and back down.

Line up on handicap row for merkin suicides.  Far to near parking lines with merkins x 10 at the beginning each time for a total of 100 merkins.  Up west staircase and back down.

Ramps of pain:

Up ramp at each turn x10 squats and return to the bottom for LBC’s x20.  Squats increased x10 to a max of 40 and LBC’s increased x20 to a max of 80.  This consumed all but a few minutes at the end.  (Pepper, please add the totals that you calculated to the comments, please.)

YHC proudly ordered PAX out into the driving rain to the benches just to live up to my prebast promise. 

Dips x10 IC

Irkins x10 SC

Clay Makers x10 each leg SC

And to complete the workout: Supermans x 15 IC

YHC prayed us out.


PAX all met at Burleson and then the heavens opened and the rain fell in torrents so we jumped in the cars and headed for the safe confines of the garage, which was closed to outsiders.  We headed back to the park, left the cars and made a jailbreak for the garage as the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled…

Once inside, YHC started a few minutes late because of the Omaha.

Mumblechatter varied as we ran stairs since YHC didn’t specify one or two stairs at a time.  My goal was to get up the stairs so the how that was accomplished was left to the PAX!   The light-heartedness continued with the merkin suicides until about 50 or so in and the midwife noise began taking over any chatter.  There was a bit of surprise when YHC explained the ramp work and the number of reps we would be doing, but I fully understood the pain (or at least thought I did) when we started.  Afterward, the rain routine was met with less groaning than YHC expected and I was a bit disappointed with the response. 

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