And then there were 2…

PAX: Pepper, Isaiah, Oatmeal

QIC: Alright Alright

3 PAX gathered in the below freezing gloom to run alongside their brother ruckers. #Kotters to Isaiah for what YHC believes is his second post since his son was born. 

We took off hot on our traditional route, as all three of us complained that it was colder than we had expected. In fact, our efforts to warm up led us to the fastest mile in #Doubletime history with a 6:51 first mile. It was all uphill from there though, literally and figuratively. We struggled up the two large hills of the course and finished the second mile in 7:43. It was at this point that the wheels really came off. Pepper had to stop for a nature break at the halfway point and that was the end of his day. At the same time Isaiah and YHC realized that the 6:51 first mile was going to really hurt us on the later miles. But we pushed on and finished with 7:50, 7:43 and a painful (serious climb) 8:30. In all we ran 5 miles at a 7:45 pace. 

Oatmeal, being the High Impact Man that he is, stopped on the way to the workout to help out a guy that had driven off the road. He made it to Flag Pole Hill in time to get a mile and a half in.