Friday Funbags – 9/27/19

PAX: Island Time, Sally, Draper, Sex Panther, Icebox, Rump Roast
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x 10 IC

IST x 15 IC

Chinook Squats x 10 IC

Battan Death Run around park.  The six dropped and completed 5 diamond merkins while the 12 carried sandbag. Mosey to the football field.

YHC had PAX break into two teams to complete in a sandbag relay.  Teams lined up at the goal posts where each team member was required to carry sandbag to midfield, complete 5x each of burpees, merkins and Russian twists and return to the goal post with sandbag to hand to another team member.  Team members remaining at goal posts were performing dancing bears while waiting for their turn to run. Given our uneven number of PAX, YHC competed on both teams the first round.

The winning team (Icebox, Island Time & Sally) were victorious and rewarded with a victory lap around the field while the losing PAX were penalized with squat thrusters until the end of the victory lap. 

YHC had PAX run the sandbag relay again (and switch up teams if desired; there were no takers) to allow Draper, Rump and Sex Panther to redeem themselves with YHC tagging Sally compete on both teams.  Draper, Rump & SP came up short again and suffered through another round of penalty squat thrusters while the victors enjoyed the fruit of their victory.

With the time remaining, YHC had all PAX squat thrust in a line for about 15 yards taking a step with each thruster followed by a little wrap up Dora on the bleachers.


50 – merkins

100 – squats

150 – seal jacks

P2: raccoon crawl across one length of bleacher and back

YHC shared his new bible study that was titled Iron Sharpens Iron, which was shared on Band and how it related to what we in F3 are all about when it comes to men encouraging other men and led into a further soliloquy about the purpose of us being out in the gloom and circling up is to share with the other men what is going on in life.  If not in the circle, then find another man with whom you feel comfortable and build that relationship, which is ultimately the foundation for Shield Locks.  YHC then prayed us out.

Arriving with the sandbags prompted some mixed emotions until PAX were asked to carry them, at which point the exclamations were not so favorable.  Rump came in hot and bumping (as usual) right at 5:30.  YHC offered an over/under on the number of F-bombs that would be yelled when he saw the sandbags.  Good thing YHC isn’t a professional betting man…  Bataan run started with groans as the sandbag was passed between PAX, but in YHC’s humble opinion it could have been worse. 

Sandbag relay faced a few obstacles at the beginning: namely YHC hoped for even number of PAX and the acoustic system on the field is nonexistent so there were a few false starts on the first round, but Icebox, being the HIM that he is, stepped up to be the official started of round deux. 

YHC managed to get a few F bombs from RR when his team lost the sandbag challenge and had to perform the squat thrusters so I knew I had performed satisfactorily as Q. 

YHC once again showed that math is hard by repeatedly miscalculating reps for a three man Dora team!  Sex Panther came to the rescue by setting me straight.

Lastly, thank you Icebox for bringing the customized playlist of 70’s-80’s rock just for YHC. 

1. CSAUP on Nov 1 @ 11:59p.  Rally point is Burleson Park.

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