Bring in the Lefty

Saturday #backblast
F150 Coach K Helmet Teasip Podcast joined YHC for the substitute Q after Special Sauce called in the big lefty due to his college roommates surprising him for a wkd of bar hopping and debauchery. To his credit he did send me a workout for us to do, here it is:

As you can see he can’t spell, I don’t blame him though, he went to school in Ohio so it’s to be expected.

He also didn’t count on us being superior athletes as we completed the workout in 40 minutes, giving me 20 minutes to do every Mary exercise I know and incorporate as much of the coupon as possible.

The important thing is that Coach K and Teasip continued to pick up ground on AlrightAlright who is sure to be out of shape after a week of European eating and drinking.

See y’all this week!