Another Trip to Germany Park

AO: Germany Park

SSH x20
IST x17
Reach backs x12
Merkins x7


Mosey to the tennis court for paint the lines, followed by Del Brown (9 merkins, crab walk across the court, 9 diamond merkins, crab walk back, 9 wide grip merkins). Repeats Del Brown with 9 merkins, 9 hand release and 9 T merkins

Mosey to the warm up/exercise equipment area for partner DORA: 100 pull ups, 200 squats and 300 LBC while partner runs around tennis courts and switch.

Mosey to the track for burpee lap (burpee then broad jump, then burpee around the track until time was up).

PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Stakeout (F3 San Antonio)
QIC: Teasip

YHC prayed us out

A small crowd this Friday for some great weather. Not sure if everyone knew the burpee lap was coming or a bunch of men just were feeling extra lazy this morning. After the “unround” number of ISTs and a lot of complaining from Coach K, YHC decided to keep the unround number going (tho DORA was sadly overlooked in that regard). A slight Omaha on the tennis court as there was a fence with a narrow opening that separated the two courts, so it took YHC a minute to get the paint the lines right and decided to just do down and back across one tennis court for Del Brown. The PAX was very unhappy about the burpee lap and tried to convince Stakeout to use his War Daddy veto on said exercise, but to no avail. YHC may Omaha that exercise to only do part of the lap or will do it earlier in the workout to ensure a full lap is done (the PAX made it about 200-250 M, which Coach K was quick to point out is the furthest point from the parking lot). Ant Man announced he has a perfect week going, and is planning on posting at F3 Houston to finish the perfect week. Stayed tuned to see if he does. Overall, another great day to workout with these guys and happy to have Stakeout in this morning.

Potential Murph Labor Day led by Sambuca(?)