Burleson 8/21

PAX:  Ultra, Pow Pow, Agnes, Bleep, Shushii. Double Pane, Dfib
QIC: Draper

AO: Burleson


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC


Mosey to the Blanton Student Services Building

Partner up

Partner #1 run up the stairs and back

Partner #2 Does the exercises below

When partner #1 returns switch

50 x Derkins

75 x Box Jumps

100 x Dips

150 x Rugby Sit Ups on the bench

Mosey you the round concrete barricades

With feet up on the barricade plank walk counter clockwise until back at starting position

Repeat going clockwise

Mosey to the parking lot across from Burleson

Agile Bear Crawls – Each PAX finds 2 tandem parking spots. 

  • Bear Crawl the right side
  • Lateral plank walk left to the left side
  • Crawl bear down left side
  • Lateral plank walk right back to starting position

Repeat for a total of 5 times

Mosey to the tennis courts

Motivators short to long

Motivator long to short

Mosey to soft top


10 x Rugby Sit Ups OYO

20 x Plank Jacks OYO

20 x Mountain Climbers OYO

Homer Marge Maggie Bart till time

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: YHC made a call back to the Katy trail Thursday where Rump and Ultra came and YHC challenged the PAX to push themselves to do things that are harder to do.  Todays Q was YHC attempting to be true to that.  YHC typically has a lot of running and hates bear crawling so YHC limited the running and added in bear crawls.

MOLESKIN: YHC tried to limit the running as that is typically his default.  Lots of talk early on about sore legs from the insane amount of lunges this week.  Box jumps did not help.  Otherwise not a ton of mumblechatter which was surprising since we did the routine YHC is calling the agile bear on the infamous Starbucks hands parking lot.  Bleep did say multiple times how there wasn’t any mumblechatter, which YHC thinks that was his subtle way of announcing his displeasure in the exercise. 


  • Happy hour tonight @ Pow Pow’s house
  • Siesta VQ tomorrow followed by 2.0 workout
  • F3 golf tourney oct 10th (or the 3rd)
  • Grow Ruck San Antonio
  • F3 10 year in January