Burleson 8/29



PAX: Teasip, Ant Man, Island Time, Isaiah, Whoops, Classified, Lil Smokey, Siesta, Oatmeal, Fluoride, Special Sauce, Chairman Mao   
QIC: Draper

AO: Burleson


15x SSH IC

15x IST IC

10x Windmill IC


Mosey to the field

Across the field motivator with burpees at every “line”

Repeat long to short

Mosey to Caruth Hall

Dirty Mcduece on the bottom step

Shoulder taps x 12 IC

Dips x 12 IC

Decline mountain climbers x 12 IC

Claymakers x 12 IC each leg

Box jump up the steps

Repeat 2 more times


Mosey to Turner Centennial Quadrangle


Partner #1 runs around the quad

Partner #2 does exercises

100 merkins

200 Squats

300 IST

400 LBC

Mosey back to Burleson


Finish the 400 LBC’s from the Dora

Homer Marge till time

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: YHC thanked the PAX for always being a positive influence.  Often life makes us face difficult choices that require a sacrifice and having F3 and to help us all stay accountable and support those decision is invaluable. 

It was a hot morning with solid showing if 13 PAX.  YHC noticed the tennis courts were already occupied so we Omaha’d to the field and completed out motivators there.  This Omaha was not a welcomed one.  We then Mosey’d to the Pit of misery (aka Caruth Hall) and did our Dirty Mcduece.  YHC was feeling gassed and counting a lot to which the PAX joked about some of YHC’ questionable sounding numbers.  YHC was feeling spent, and based on the mumble chatter it seemed like the rest of the PAX was too, I Omaha’d once again and went to the Turner Centennial Quadrangle rather than the originally planed SMU quad.  The running distance for the Dora was a lot smaller here and I for one was grateful. 


  1. Grow Ruck in April
  2. F3 10 year in Jan
  3. F3 Golf tournament sometime in October (update Ultra?)


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