Bye Bye 2019

DATE: 12/31/2019

TEMP: 31.

WEATHER: Clear skies.



PAX: Walmart, Mookie, Maverick, and Boomer.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Liberty Park.





-SSH x50 IC

-IW x15 IC

-Overhead Claps x20 IC

-Forward Arm Circles x20 IC

-Backward Arm Circles x19 IC



Mosey to the tennis courts for Four Corners. Each corner of one tennis court is a Pain Station. PAX alternate between Merkins and Carolina Dry Docks at each station. PAX start with 2 reps of Merkins, then 4 of Carolina Dry Docks, then 6 of Merkins, etc. Bear Crawl between each station. Once PAX get to 20 reps, they do 20 reps again, then start counting back down. 220 reps total.

Alternating Shoulder Touches x20 IC.

Overhead Claps x50 IC.



-LBC x20 IC

-Leg Lifts x20 IC

-Flutter Kicks (double count) x20 IC


CIRCLE OF TRUST: prayer requests shared.

MOLESKIN: PAX speculated that loud grunting would help them get through Four Corners. Maverick worried that his flying ability would be impaired due to his arms being noodly from the exercise. PAX shared about how Christmas went at their households.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Relaunch on January 25. Will continue working in the new AO, Fowler Middle School, at some Saturday workouts.