Second Choice Thursday || Jacobs Bear Crawl Ladder…

Aaarrrggghhh, Sex Panther

Rump Roast

53 degrees, cloudy, cold wind blowing, and over “dampness” in the air

Burleson Park/Garage


Intro/ Warm-o-Rama: 
Ranger Merkins x15 (OYO, SC)
World War II’s x15 (OYO, SC)
SSH x20 (DC,IC)
Cotton Pickers x10 (DC, IC)
IST x20 (DC, IC)
Coper Head Squats x 20 (IC)

Mosey to the top of the parking garage
Jacob’s Bear Crawl Ladder
1x Gorilla Jump Squats at the top
Bear Crawl down the parking deck x6 Merkins
Bear Crawl back to the top
Mosey to the bottom of the parking garage
Ring of Fire Burbee’s 
Ring of Fire Merkins
Ring of Fire Squats 
Run & Bear Crawl back to the top. Alternating levels. Ran down the steps and moseyed back to the launch to finish it out.
Circle of Trust:
YHC prayed us out.
This morning was fairly uneventful, Arrrrrgggghhhhhh was very pasoinate about something but I forgot. The crawling Jacobs ladder had us spread out enough that there wasn’t much mumble chatter. When we ran down to the basement Arrrrggggghhhhhh also commented about the mattress down there and how uncomfortable they used to be after having sex on them in college… It felt colder than the thermometer read but 3 men came out to get better this morning and we did just that.

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