Coach K takes us back

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25
IST x20
Squats x10
Merkins x10

Mosey to Garage

Partner 1 starts bear crawling up 4 ramps while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 hand release merkins, and 10 WWII SUs before running up to top, and then meets up with P1.

P2 picks up with the bear crawl while P1 runs to the start for the 30 reps before running to the top and catching up to P2. Repeato.

After each partner bear crawls switch to lunges, then crab walks, inch worms, walking, bear crawls, and duck walk. Repeato until the PAX start staging a mutiny.

LBCs x20
Pingvin Crunch x20
Heels to Heaven x15

PAX: Podcast, Pepper, Ant Man, Shake weight, F150, Oo-De-Lally, Teasip
QIC: Coach K

Praying for Podcast’s friend and their baby. He is dealing with heart issues, but the parents were finally able to take him home this week.

In full disclosure, I came up this workout with the sole intention of creating a situation where I didn’t have to talk to anyone at 0530 on a Friday. I knew it’d split up the group and be too cardio intensive for people to get a word in on a morning I really wanted to be alone. While I keep to myself and (according to some PAX) silently judge people, I am grateful to have y’all around. I don’t show up in the mornings for the workouts; I do it to be around y’all. It’s been a long ass year since I moved trying to adjust, but y’all’re definitely one of the best things to happen. Glad to be a part of this for however much longer I’m around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lock these feelings back in a box where they belong…not sure how they got out.

YHC brought back his infamous bridge workout for his one year F3 anniversary Q. While nothing compared to the 200 burpees, it’s definitely a ball buster. With no bridge in sight, we took to the garage for the circuit. YHC did contemplate running over to Mockingbird Station, which is only 1 mile away but spared the PAX on this rainy Saturday.

YHC was once again honored to have Pepper post to YHCs Q and not any of AlrightAlright’s 3 this week (even though one was originally his but minor details). It’s not a competition, but I like to point it out anyways.

Early mumblechatter about the legs being dead after those Bonnie Blairs. There is still a lot of debate on the validity of the 16 min ironpax times, but to each their own. We debated doing it on Saturday next week just to have a day to recover afterwards.

Teasip and I had some great second F time during the thang while waiting for an even number to show up. Most comments were directed at my previous Q, but I feel like those were deserved.

Not too much mumblechatter given the nature of the workout (see COT below) except for some comments and groans here and there as we all trudged along.

F150 made a good point in asking if anyone had heard from Eruzione since the indictment of the Russian spies. While he has been active on Band, we agreed it was a bot.

As promised, there were no burpees. But now with the Fort’s challenge, I think y’all’ll reevaluate my burpee Q.

5 PAX made it to Bubbas where Ant Man started off strong with some nice jabs at the Baylor crew. Discussed how to work the system in getting out of household chores and Oo-De-Lally’s old maid Marla (probably make a great F3 name at some point). Otherwise, there was a lot of football talk as we’re all eagerly awaiting kickoff in a couple weeks.

1. Memphis GoRuck in September (see F150)