Coupons don’t mean discount

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x15
Overhead Claps IC x15
Mountain Climbers IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Mosey around the park back to playground

50 of each exercise
· Merkin
· Alternating Merkins w/ coupon
· Overhead Press w/ coupon
· Colt 45
· “This guy” – Thumbs (facing up) to shoulder blades
· “That guy” – Thumbs (facing down) to small of back
Upon competition run around bleachers and back

Ab Station:
· Hanging Knee Tuck Twist
· Hello Dollies
· Hanging Bicycles
· Flutter Kicks
· Hanging Scissors

Together ATMs
Alternating Should Touches IC x15
Tempo Merkins IC x10 (down on 1,2,3, up on 4)
Merkins OYO x10

PAX: Icebox, Oo-De-Lally, Teasip, Ultra, AlrightAlright, Isaiah, Coach K, BOOMER, Hippy
QIC: F150

YHC reminded each of us that we are leading people in our lives and how we do so reflects who we follow whether that is Jesus Christ or another religion or person. How do those that you led see your leadership?

Ultra shared a prayer request for his father-in-law’s upcoming surgery. We prayed for him in closing.

There was some mumblechatter as we began the gloom about the short rain and some lightening, if there had been more we would have ENDEX. After our Warm-o-rama it was nice to have a mosey around the park Native American style – keeping all the PAX together. When we arrived back to the playground Ultra joined us, he had been earlier but left before any PAX showed up due to lighting. Our fearless Nantan was able to contact him and get him to join us. Great job AlrightAlright.

During The-Thang there was not much mumblechatter due to the nature of doing 50 of any exercise against the clock. AlrightAlright did note that he asked what we would be doing this gloom and took YHC’s response of abs as to be mean our traditional ab workout…not hanging ab workout. Which is exactly what AlrightAlright worked out last night. Thats good he can always use more ab workouts.

Boomer was victorious over the CMU/Coupon this gloom, even brought gloves to ensure there was no way of a surprise.

We are in an exciting time for F3 Dallas as we multiple new PAX leading workouts. This week we have a Shake Weight VQ on Saturday and two VQs last week. PAX continue to EH the Sad Clowns of Dallas and lets make a change in male leadership, fitness, fellowship and faith.

1. 2ndF Happy Hour June 8th – Pepper is the Q
2. 2. 3rd F Second Saturday, June 9 Chairman Mao is your Q for this event. Talk to him for details
3. 3. 2nd F Charity Concert for First Tee of Dallas – Josh Abbott and Wade Bowen June 7th – talk to Aaarrrggghhh about tickets

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