Mary 45 just added Homer to Marge

AO: Caruth Park

SSHs x 15
Sprinkler x 10
Hill Billy x 10
Windmill x 10
Merkin x 10
Sumo Squats x 10

Bolt 45s
15 squats full to halfway
15 half way to down
15 regular squats
Mary 45s
15 Dollys
15 Flutters
15 Rugbee
Repeato 3x

Mosey to Tennis Court
Tennis Court Cardio – start doubles line, perform exercise across courts and back. 10 merkins between two courts, far side of courts, and between again, 30 merkins total.
Reverse Lunge Walk
Broad Jump
Lunge Walk
Webbicide in between each cardio set. 3 T-merkins for each line touched, 27 t-merkins per webbicide.

Mosey to Soft Top

Aiken Legs
20 jump squats, 20 monkey humpers, 20 claymakers
15 Alt Sh Touches, 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Merkins

Sweat Angels x 15
Freddie Mercury x 12
Flutter Kick x 12
LBC x 12

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Coach K, Icebox, Ina, Oo-De-Lally, Special Sauce, Splash, Spread, Gambler
QIC: Pepper


Low amount of mumble chatter this morning. Everyone was wondering where BOOMER and Neutered were; delayed as long as possible in the parking lot before heading to the soft top. PAX quickly corrected the QIC on his counting during the Rugbee situp part of the Mary 45s (henceforth renamed Dolt 45s and to now include Homer to Marge (DOH!)). QIC modified the tennis court cardio, changing the second webbicide to a regular suicide to head off a PAX revolt. Several PAX pulled a #Chippendale due to the high humidity.

1. 3rdF on Saturday – Second Saturday – June 9th – Chairman Mao is your Q for this event.
2. 2ndF Happy Hour – Friday – Pepper is the Q, Ozona’s at 5 pm, M’s are invited and encouraged to attend.