DJ Icebox Greatest Hits Vol 1


Aaarrrggghhh AlrightAlright Walmart F150 Coach K Ina Teasip Gambler joined YHC for DJ Icebox’s Greatest Hits Volumes 1

Here’s the set list:

Rocky Montage – warmup

Badger badger badger, Mr Weebl – monkey humper + plank position with “mushroom” or “snake” (35)

Billy Idol, Mony Mony (67 Mony’s) – hold back plank + dip

Daniel Bedingfield, Gotta Get Thru This – suicides

MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This – high knees + burpees (when he says can’t touch this, 28 Times)

Kevin Gates, I don’t get tired – mountain climbers + merkin (when he says tired, 42 times)

Unk, Walk it Out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “walk” (110)

Til I Collapse, Eminem/Nate Dogg – sprints

Usher, Yeah! Freddy Mercury’s + hip thruster with “yeah” 72

Big Sean, Go Legend – Freddy Mercury’s + WWII’s with “legend” (58)

You Can Do It, Ice Cube – Superman + t merkin with “do it” (52)

Impressive showing for January 2nd and 33 degrees and raining, but the PAX know that I Q like Newman from Seinfeld and avoid inclement weather at all costs so we quickly moseyed to the parking garage and got to it. Not a whole lot of mumble chatter today but as always Ina in long sleeves raises eyebrows and Walmart did his best splash impersonation by working out with his hood up the whole time.

Teasip cleared the parking deck at the end of the workout by having something die inside him so didn’t get a chance to pray it out.

Happy New Year to everyone, the weather sucks right now but let’s start out the year strong and encourage our friends to join us in the gloom instead of joining Planet Fitness, we might workout early but you don’t have to fight anyone for a treadmill or weight machine. Remember, there are two types of people, those who wipe down gym equipment after they’re done with it and the worst people in the universe.


Run Ranger Run, See Oatmeal’s posts for more details

CSAUP, volunteer to help organize it so AlrightAlright doesn’t get to do whatever he wants

#dadbodsfor100 Oo-De-Lally Isaiah BOOMER Ant Man let’s see if we can get the new dads in the top 10 in attendance for 2019!

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