New Year, Same…Well

PAX: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with sass

Attendance Rankings:
Tied for 1st: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally, YHC
Tied for Last: AlrightAlright, et. al.

SSH x20
IST x19 (this was the end of any theme)
Cotton Pickers and OHC x10

800m run buy-in
As a group, complete 375 reps each of
1. Burpees
2. Box Jumps
3. Derkins
4. Squats with 30lb sandbag
800m run buy-out

Dirty McDeuce with Irkens, Claymakers, OHC, OHP

Heels to Heaven x20

Prayed that we don’t decide who or what we need to be this year, but rather let God decide and follow in His path and directions.

PAX were welcomed by the cheerful and vibrant Coach K they know and love. Amid the cries of “New Year, New Me!” on social media from white girls desperate for attention, YHC assured the group that his motto was “New Year, Same Asshole”. Icebox suggested making a goal to be meaner, which is on hold until my next Q.

Some modest mumblechatter during the warm up as YHC threw some jabs at at NYE theme as well as a very blunt and sarcastic disclaimer. PAX were quick to point out being first in the attendance rankings…more so who was not in first. Teasip and Ant Man received call outs per their comments on Band. Whether they were in town is unknown, but the group was out for blood this morning.

No mumblechatter during the beatdown until a strange old man wandered over with his dog and commended us on working out. We gave him a spiel mid Claymakers as a couple PAX held the position through the conversation. It made the military in me so proud. The guy expects to see us out on Tuesdays going forward, but his current mental state is up for debate calling us “cats” amid his departure.

We rounded out the beatdown with the COT where Oatmeal decided to start the count counterclockwise. He was subsequently chided by YHC for triggering his OCD and we started the count over. This was to no one’s surprise as apparently nothing YHC does surprises anyone anymore. YHC made a comment about good health for current and future F3 babies followed up with “if you haven’t had a baby yet you’re behind”, which left Sally and YHC in an awkward predicament.

Talks continued by the truck, where Oatmeal and F150 talked about the joys of owning homes. Nothing says grumpy old men quite like 5 PAX collectively complaining about property taxes, unpaved roads, and home maintenance.

All that to say, we started off 2019 right and missed those who couldn’t join us. Hope to be out with y’all for another year.

1. Run, Ranger, Run signups – talk to Oatmeal
2. Q source will be held Wednesday nights and Fridays at lunch

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