Double D Beatdnow

AO: Burelson Park

Mosey to student parking lot near park for warm up
Mtn Climbers
Seal jacks
Hillbilly Walkers
Imperial Storm Troopers
Carolina dry docks
monkey humpers
Moroccan night clubs

Run to campus and line up around fountain by parking garage. Pax do continuous step ups while alternating to run a lap around the fountain until all have completed a lap. Rinse and repeat with box jumps for round two.

Run to parking garage and take stairs to top level. Burpee broad jumps across top deck. Rinse and repeat back to starting spot.

Line up along wall at top level in two groups. Group one sprints down ramp to opposite end and runs backward to start while group two does squats. Flapjack. Rinse and repeat.

Head back to fountain and plank up, choosing to take stairs or 4 levels of ramps down.

Time for some upper body says AlrightAlright (but no grass, please). Partner up for partner Merkins. Rinse and repeat (still not sure AlrightAlright ever got the count down properly…math is not a core subject at Wake apparently). Partner shoulder taps next.

Hot morning demanded a return to the fountain for more laps, this time with Incline Merkins shifting to decline Merkins or dips halfway through the run routine.

More upper body, please, Mr Q. So it’s over to the round rose garden for more dips while pax take a lap around bear crawl style (2 pax at a time).

Coming up on home stretch and talk of crawl bears was making its way through the mumble chatter as we did lunge walk and backward lunge walk. So pax split into two lines for a crawl bear relay out to fire hydrant and run back to start while rest of each team does sumo squats. AlrightAlright rallied his team from a big gap to win handily.

Mosey back to park
Mahktar N’Dyaes
Flutter Kicks
Hello dollies

PAX: Ant Man, Boomer, Pepper, Coach K, Splash, Special Sauce, AlrightAlright; FNGS: Sooner, Al Dente
QIC: Double D

Thoughts and prayers for Badger’s family and for those vets on this Memorial Day weekend who gave it all for our freedom.

Ant Man posted midstream WARM-O-RAMA and #Respectables were sufficiently loose so it was time to get the show started.

Strong showing among Dallas pax on a very swampy morning. Thanks to pax for the zeal and the engagement during active rest periods discussing their experience with F3.

Nice to see Splash hanging with the #Hates and, like Candy Cane on Thur, repping the F3 mission from the early days in Dallas.

Great to see many relo pax from F3 regions who never knew about F3 until they landed in Dallas.

Strong naming effort! Hope Al Dente and Sooner stick with it.

The top of the deck provided perfect setting to highlight F3 male community leadership mission. Could see Dallas skyline in the distance and like Charlotte, Richmond, Houston, Fort Mill and so many other markets, Dallas needs F3 because it needs men invested in community and leading in whatever way they can. It doesn’t have to be grand or complicated…merely bringing out another Sad Clown, supporting a pax during a hard period, encouraging AlrightAlright or living all 3 Fs in your family is a great step forward. Keep pushing yourself and each other.

Thanks to AlrightAlright for the invite and keep leading these men!

1. Planning Dinner (#VAPE) | Taco Joint (Preston Center) | May 29th 6:30 PM
2. Murph on Monday May 28th
3. GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23