Doubletime – Accidental Q

Backblast – July 8th, 2019

AO: Flagpole Hill – Normal route

PAX: Alright Alright, Sally, Sex Panther, Scrubs

QIC: Pow Pow

YHC accidentally signed up to Q both workouts this morning and did not know he had done so (technical difficulties with the website). Apologies for any confusion and for missing the preblast.

The accidental Q….so, if you post to a workout and are immediately informed by the PAX that you signed up to Q said workout the previous evening, first ask yourself “Am I at Flag Pole Hill? Is it Monday?” If the answer is “Yes”, then you’ll be fine, and if you showed up a minute late like YHC did this morning, then just say “Let’s go” and start running (or rucking). If the answer is “No”, then hopefully you can think up a bootcamp workout plan quickly, maybe do an extra long warmup to buy yourself some time to think.

(Fabricated) Mumblechatter: Sally and Scrubs probably talked about soccer.

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