Mutt Ruck Monday

Backblast – July 8th, 2019

AO: Flagpole Hill – Normal route

PAX: Icebox, Coach K, Ultra, Griswold (FNG Drew Larson – Welcome!)

So YHC accidentally signed up to Q both workouts this morning and did not know he had done so (technical difficulties with the website). Apologies for any confusion and for missing the preblast.

(Fabricated) Mumblechatter: PAX spent time getting to know Griswold and then discussed the weather.

Welcome and happy 40th birthday to Griswold! He lives way out in Flower Mound (Alright Alright asserted that no one is actually from Flower Mound). It sounds like he wants to plant a workout closer to home, so that’s more opportunities to #giveitaway. Name given because he owns an RV (if you haven’t seen National Lampoon’s Vacation from 1983, then shame on you).