F3 Dallas Remembers the Titans

AO: Caruth Park

Leg swings
Nikki Dodges – named after Nikki Boone, Coach Boone’s daughter, who dodges a basketball thrown by Sheryl without moving her feet
Dobbers in the dirt

Mosey to field

3-man jump rolls – guy in middle rolls to right while guy on right jumps over him then hits ground and rolls to left, guy on left jumps over him then hits ground and rolls to right, etc x10
Sequence hits – on command: knees, flat on stomach, flat on back, flat on stomach, knees, up xSeveral
High knees for a time
Resistance runs to simulate sleds (1 running, 1 resisting)
Facemask situps x20

5,280 foot (or so) Petey run

Back to field

Plank position, chopping feet, drop and then back up as fast as possible on command (“4th quarter, down by 4, 1 minute left…”)
Up-downs because Blue was thirsty
YHC forgot to have the PAX line up for a ceremonial Oklahoma drill

AIR HORN – cemetery run in darkness
The PAX took off for the Sparkman cemetery on NW highway but stopped a bit short because YHC was tired and we were running out of time. We stopped and the Q gave an impassioned speech about the evil of money, or at least he tried. He didn’t practice. We then ran back to Caruth.

Finished off with Lieutenant Dan’s to honor Gerry Bertier, 1:2 ratio up to 5:10

some Mary stuff, we did a lot of abs this week

PAX: AlrightAlright, JoJo, F150, Teasip, Oatmeal
QIC: Oo-De-Lally

The workout was accompanied by some tunes from the movie, one of the greatest soundtracks out there. Big thanks to Teasip for providing the portable speaker. (I’m on a work computer and can’t figure out how to link a playlist the dope way that Icebox does)

Express Yourself
Spirit in the Sky
Act Naturally
Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
Spill the Wine
Ain’t No Mountain
Earn It
Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye
Peace Train
Long Cool Woman
Up Around the Bend – one of the top 10 greatest opening licks in rock ‘n’ roll

(Other candidates in the top 10 of greatest opening licks in rock ‘n’ roll include: Rocky Mountain Way (Walsh), Funk #49 (Walsh), LITFL (Eagles/Walsh), You Really Got Me (Van Halen), Purple Haze (Hendrix), Johnny B. Goode (Berry), Sweet Child O’ Mine (GNR/Slash), Layla (Clapton) to name a few)

Quite a bit, which was welcome, outside of the usual myriad of critiques by AlrightAlright. Many lines were quoted, though we missed Pepper‘s knowledge of the script.

Circled up, prayed out. A good time, tough workout. We were all quite wet.

1. Sept. 14 Happy Hour – Ms and CBDs definitely invited

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