F3 Flower Mound Launch August 17, 2019

PAX: Plus One, Zacchaeus (FNG formerly known as Jack), Cinco, Iceman, Dr. Dirt, Rich Mahogany (FNG fka Reed), Neutral (FNG fka Rick), Sweet Baby, Rump Roast, Sex Panther, Gia, Mater (FNG fka Scott), Griswold, Disaster, Big Cheese, Discount Doublecheck (FNG fka Tom), Stapler (FNG fka Tony), Rocket Man, Penicillin (FNG fka Ken), Whirlybird

QIC: Alright Alright, Oatmeal


Side Straddle Hops x25 In Cadence

Imperial Storm Troopers x20 In Cadence

Merkins x10 In Cadence

Monkey Humper x5 In Cadence

Punishment Burpees x10 for Sex Panther’s tardiness On Your Own


Tha Thang:

Mosey to the North End of the bleachers.

Run to the top of the stadium, raccoon crawl across one section, run down stadium, 5 merkins, repeato to the 50 yard line.

Pick Up the Six and Plankorama while you wait.

Walk Crab (Hands first) to the concourse, Crab Walk back

Al Gore while you wait

Mosey around the bleachers and back to the North End Zone

Start on Goal Line, Bear Crawl 10 yards, 10 squats, Bear Crawl 10 yards, 20 squats, Bear Crawl 10 yards, 30 squats, Bear Crawl 10 yards, 40 squats, Bear Crawl 10 yards, 25 squats, 25 shoulder presses, Crawl Bear 10 yards, 40 shoulder presses, Crawl Bear 10 yards, 30 shoulder presses, Crawl Bear 10 yards, 20 shoulder presses, Crawl Bear 10 yards, 10 shoulder presses, Crawl Bear 10 yards, Pick Up the Six

Burpee Dan 35 yards, repeato

Wide Receiver Drills: 5 yard partner push, 10 yard sprint, repeato with increasing sprint yardages

Native American Run 300 Meters

Mosey to the practice field

6 Minutes of Mary:

Flutter Kicks

Little Baby Crunches


Homer to Marge

Bart to Lucy

Low Dolly

Circle of Trust: 

Your Humble Correspondent prayed us out asking for the growth of F3 Flower Mound and that we would all be leaders in our families, work places and communities.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Zacchaeus got his name because he is a tax accountant

Rich Mahogany got his name because Sex Panther EHed him (Anchorman references)

Neutral got his name because he has dual citizenship in Switzerland and the US, he’s also a pilot which makes the name more humorous

Mater got his name because he restores Hudson Hornets (Cars reference)

Discount Double Check works for State Farm

Stapler was just hired by Rocket Man, so we wanted an Office Space reference

Penicillin says that he is down for anything that is wife approved and doesn’t involve Penicillin

Gentlemen, naming is a fun part of F3.  It is the one rite of passage that we have, and the only thing that you’re required to accept to be part of the group.  Embrace whatever name you get.  Most of them are not going to have a positive connotation, but all of them are funny.  Embrace the joke and don’t take things too seriously.  Have fun with it!

Most tense moment of the morning: football coach confronting Oatmeal about us using the stadium, fortunately Griswold, the High Impact Man that he is, had already emailed said coach to get permission to use the stadium.

Not a ton of mumblechatter as the PAX were gassed for most of the beatdown.

It was an honor to help you guys launch F3 Flower Mound.  You guys have a bright future and YHC expects you to really make an impact on the community.  Your next step is to start bringing other men that need F3 to workouts.  In F3 we call that Emotional Headlocking.  Get to work.

-Alright Alright