Feel the Bern

PAX: Ina, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Coach K

AO: Flag Pole Hill

SSH, IST, Cottonpickers, Aaarrrggghhh Special, OHD Claps

Run down Flag Pole Hill and Bernie Sanders back up.
Irkens (x12), Dirkens (x12), Dips (x12), OHD Press (x12)
Repeato for three rounds

DORA – PAX 1 runs halfway down the hill and back. PAX 2 is working on reps
100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats

One last Bernie Sanders up Flag Pole Hill because I’m a disagreeable Q

Flutter Kicks, Uptown Crunch, WWII SUs

Oo-de-Lally prayed out the group.

Why YHC continues to Q with stitches in his hand is an anomaly because it means more legs, and running backwards up the largest hill in Dallas (which isn’t saying much) is the best way to build those tree-trunk quads. Not too much mumblechatter as the runs were a little tougher than originally expected. YHC had to modify the distance part way through.

Ina and Oatmeal wouldn’t let YHC refer to himself as “Old Man Douglass” without plenty of comments about “if you hurt now just wait.” Oatmeal was the only PAX not to shed layers through the workout while Ina was in short sleeves all around completely unphased. Sally kept trying to up the distance of running despite the 3 mile stair day completed just yesterday.

All-in-all it was fun to have a bunch of kotters back out (YHC included) for the ruck and #doubletime

1. YHC is Qing an Amazing Race themed workout this Saturday if enough people show up. Last attempt resulted in 4 PAX posting, so embrace your inner-competitive spirit and come out to Burleson.
2. Next Happy Hour scheduled for 12/14