Fourth of July 2020 Part I

PAX: Alright Alright, Draper, Icebox, Maverick, Oatmeal, Plus One, PowPow, Rabbit

8 PAX gathered at 0600 for some serious extra credit.  YHC told them ahead of time that it would be a cardio heavy beatdown and it did not disappoint.  The mumblechatter was minimal as most of us were trying to conserve energy/survive the beatdown.  Here’s how it went:

In front of the Tri Delt House: Burpees – 200 as a team

At the corner of Lovers and Hillcrest: Lunges – 400 as a team

At Caruth: Imperial Storm Troopers – 600 as a team

At Coffee Park: Merkins – 800 as a team

At Caruth Park: 1000 Plank Jacks as a team

At Lovers: 1200 Squats as a team

Native American run back to Burleson Park

Bonus Burpees x15 each

Bonus Lunges x30 each