Go Run! 3/28/20

YHC changed things up with his Q. 

OYO workout (or grab another PAX but stay the requisite 6′) to bring back a little running into everyone’s life.

The Thang:
– 5 mi run (make it longer or shorter if need be based on pace)
@ each mile interval perform the following
x20 merkins
x40 squats
x60 Icebox palms out/thumbs up backward arm pulses (Hitchhikers)
Repeato, but goal is negative splits (i.e. each mile gets faster through the last one)

Modification: 1/2 mile interval for 2.5mi; 1.5x reps listed above

Mary when complete:
x20 flutter kicks DC
x20 heals to heaven
x20 side plank leg ups SC each leg
x20 sky pickles