Fitness Test Circuit – 4/6/2020

PAX: Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Alright Alright, Sally, Draper, Shifty McCoy, F150
QIC: PowPow

AO: Virtual via the UBJN (Garages, backyards etc)

SSH x 15, ISTx15

Fitness Test Circuit – All exercises OYO

  • Burpees x 20
  • Calf Raises x 30
  • Ski Abs x 20 (each time across is a rep)
  • Merkins x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • LBCs x 40
  • Carolina Dry Dock x 20
  • American Hammer x 20 (count = 1,1,2,2)
  • Nipplers x 20
  • Jump Squats x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 (count = 1,1,2,2)

After completing the above circuit, PAX partnered up to tackle the circuit Dora-style.  The partner doing the “running” completes 10 single count side-straddle hops, then partners flapjack. The Dora circuit was:

Burpees > Calf Raises > Ski Abs > Merkins > Squats & LBCs. Same rep count as above.

Then switch back to OYO  Circuit where Dora Circuit left off:

Carolina Dry Dock > American Hammer > Nipplers > Burpees > Calf Raises > Ski Abs > Merkins > Squats > LBCs > Carolina Dry Dock > American Hammer > Nipplers. Same rep count, Nipplers cut short for time.

Done throughout workout

YHC shared what it has meant to him to be part of F3 DFW for the past year. Thank you to the PAX for everything they do to support each other and the community, accelerate F3 DFW and give it away. Thank you to Oatmeal for the EH.

It was YHC’s one-year anniversary with F3 and VVQ (Virgin Virtual Q). Since YHC’s first post was the Q2 2019 Fitness Test, we paid homage with a fitness test circuit. Not sure why I decided to only go to Mountain Climbers when planning the workout.

Shifty took an extended bathroom break during the workout, leaving Rump Roast to do most of the Dora workout without a partner. Dora is tough over video call, it would have worked better if the partner doing the exercise just has to complete a pre-determined number of reps while the “running” partner performs AMRAP of an exercise that lets them keep eyes on the screen (SSH, IST, OH Claps). That way the exercising partner can complete the assigned reps and just start doing SSH and the other partner will see this and know when to switch.  No verbal communication needed.

1. Alright Alright is Q’ing a workout for Fort Worth on Wednesday. Draper has the regular Q that day and will likely converge with Fort Worth.
2. Don’t forget Special Sauce’s daily challenge from Saturday – reach out to someone! Do it today and then reach out to someone else tomorrow!