Happy Birthday Icebox

AO: Glencoe Park

Ssh x20
IST x20

Burpee mile – 1/4 mile followed by 12 burpees X 4
PAX pointed out that I turned 34, not 48, but since I look 48 it made sense

Partnered up for 5 sets of 2 cliffhanger pull-ups each

Mosey to the football field:
Burpee Dan the width of the field, reverse lung back
Worked the shoulders with the following
Paddle forward X 40
Paddle forward X 40
Paddle up X 40
This guy X 40
That guy X 40
Irkind X 8

Birthday, Selena Gomez – held plank and did a merkin with every “birthday” (30)

Round of Wilt Chamberlins

WWII’s X 30
Uptown crunch X 20
Penguin crunch X 20
Birthday Bitch, Trap Beckham – fluttter kicks + rugby sit-ups with every “birthday” (58, did not make it through the whole song)

PAX: AaarrrggghhhAlrightAlrightTeasipIsaiahEruzioneF150,  Numb Tucks
QIC: Icebox

Prayers for Nashville PAX recently diagnosed with lung cancer

Apparently starting out with a burpee mile knocked the sarcasm out of the PAX, Teasip knew something was up though since Icebox wore the extra knee brace. AlrightAlright was frustrated with my old man pace and was karoking for most of the mile, Aaarrrggghhh hasn’t worked out in a week and a half but performed adequately, Numb Tucks didn’t know what was going on with the beats box, Eruzione commuted down to celebrate Icebox’s bday as well. Isaiah was excited that it was more of a Katy Trail workout. Splash was a no show since he was only going to lose 5 lbs instead of 10 during the workout

Here’s the whole set list:
Birthday Cake, Rihanna
Say Aah, Trey Songz
Birthday Sex, Jeremih
Birthday Song, 2 Chainz
Birthday, Flo Rida
This is my party, Fabolous
In da club, 50 Cent
Birthday, Selena Gomez
Birthday, Blac Youngsta
Birthday, Jay Park
Birthday Bitch, Trap Beckham


1. SecondF party at Alright Alright’s on Friday night to listen to The Ticket’s Summer Bash