Hill Country BBQ and Fantasy Football

MRM backblast

Sweet Baby and Sex Panther joined Icebox and Maverick on the Ruck, talked about splash pads, fantasy football, and bbq. Sweet Baby is an expert in Hill County BBQ and will lead an expedition at some point (Sex Panther said he’d be in but if he goes we’re making him hike the whole thing in his sweet gear).

I wonder if Oo-De-Lally is going to be our fantasy football commissioner again this year? More importantly does Ant Man still have the UM boy shorts? 🤔

AlrightAlright Sally Coach K Draper Gold Digger Chairman Mao and Pepper ran, it was super humid and no PR’s were achieved

Need Q’s for this week! Would be great to see some of our VQ’s from a few weeks ago get into the regular rotation! (Stingray Draper Sweet Baby)