Tennis Court Baseball

DATE: 7/30/2019.

TEMP: 76.

WEATHER: Cloudy and cool.



PAX: Rabbit, Boomer, and Eruzione.

QIC: Walmart.


AO: Liberty Park.


WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: Q is not a professional. PAX are at the workout voluntarily. PAX should modify as needed to avoid getting hurt.



SSH x25 IC
IW x 15 IC
J Lo’s x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Morroccon Night Clubs x 50 IC

Native American Run for 1 mile (4 laps around the track).


Mosey to the tennis courts for Baseball. Q chose a court and designated each corner as a base. PAX split into pairs. Do 80 reps per pair at each base. Partner carry along the long side of the court. Bear Crawl along the short side of the court. The team with the most complete laps around the bases wins bragging rights. PAX tied at two runs.

1st Base: Frog Jumps

2nd Base: Hand Release Merkins

3rd Base: Freddie Mercury (double count)

Home: LBCs


Q went around the circle, letting each PAX pick an ab exercise.

American Hammer x20 IC

Flutter Kick x20 IC

Rosalita x15 IC

Leg Raise x11 IC


MOLESKIN: Almost no mumblechatter this morning. Q takes this as a compliment, as PAX were (hopefully) working too hard to spare breath.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rabbit reminded everyone of the plan to provide Caleb’s family with dinner. Caleb recently underwent intense back surgery, and is currently in recovery. Rabbit will post his Venmo or other method of giving him money to fund dinner. Any leftover proceeds will be given to the family. Q announced the job offer he received and accepted last week.