How many Mony Mony’s could a man moan about if a man could moan about Mony Mony?

AlrightAlright Sex Panther Thunderlips Oatmeal Sweet Baby Special Sauce PowPow Sally Teasip Plus One joined DJ Icebox

Took a trip down memory lane to a time when I had time to find random songs that repeated a word or phrase a whole bunch of times and counted them out and built a workout around it.

PowPow almost had a stroke after I told him we had to listen/workout to Mony Mony again after he couldn’t tell us how many dips we did but that was just some DJ Icebox hazing.

Here’s the set list:

Rocky IV fight music – warmup

Billy Idol – back plank + dip “Mony” (67 reps)

Rick Ross, Push It – overhead press + squat with “push” (89)

Gangsta’s Paradise – run around the park

Kevin Gates, mountain climbers + merkin with “tired” (42)

Yeah! (96)

Firefly- 3:00 run

Derez De’Shon- Hardaway, Superman + merkin with “hardaway” (56)

I’m Blue – 3:40 run

Unk, walk it out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “walk” (110)

YG, Go Loko- freddy Mercury’s + WWI with “loko” had to stop 2 min in because of time