Ice cold Icebox Workout

Aaarrrggghhh AlrightAlright jon F150 Teasip Sally Rump Roast Oatmeal Coach K Ina Mile High joined YHC for a keeping it moving beat down. Here’s what happened:


Jump rope waterfall

4 rectangle – bear crawl every rectangle on a half court, do 2 T-merkins at each corner

Suicides – short to long then long to short

4 rectangle – crab walk forward every rectangle on a half court, 2 rugby sit ups at each corner

Jacobs ladder – monkey humpers and squats

Jump rope waterfall

Partner up – P1 paint the lines, P2 Freddy mercuries

4 rectangle – crawl bear every rectangle on a half court, 5 mountain climbers each corner (ran out of time in the middle of these)

YHC was committed to keeping us moving as to not get stung by the wind too bad and it showed with a much heavier dose of cardio than the PAX is accustomed to during a DJ Icebox workout. I didn’t hear a lot of mumblechatter but it’s clear that Sally is the best jump roper and AlrightAlright is the worst. Club Rehab got some good work in with the toys I brought, Coach K is not a fan of the word toy for workout instruments so please continue to use that word when you bring props for future Q’s. Oatmeal is now the keeper of the ruck sack until I return later next week.

Solid showing for a cold beat down, I’m crediting Mile High for leading a devotional ahead of time.