Mud Ruck

PAX: F150, Icebox (and Maverick)
QIC: Mile High

AO: Flag Pole Hill Ruck

3 mile ruck

YHC polled the group at the beginning and received consent to stretch the 2.5 mile loop to 3 miles. Mumblechatter was strong and ran the spectrum from how to make our region stronger to ways to prevent a neutered dog from licking his sutures. To add the additional .5 miles, YHC decided a little off-roading was in order, but had not properly vetted out the path. No one anticipated a mud ruck, but no one complained. That route is unlikely to be repeated. When all rucking PAX made it back to the starting point we were about .1 miles short of 3 miles. That clearly wouldn’t do so an additional .05 mile out and back was added on. Overall, the average pace was either 15:22 or 15:29 minutes per mile (depending on whose device was referenced).

Side note: Doubletime did not live up to its name today. It shall hereby be known as oneandtwothirdstime.

1. Run Ranger Run
2. CSAUP Planning in full swing

3. Q Source on Wednesday and Friday

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