Island of Misfit Toys

PAX: Sally, Rump Roast
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given after PAX made snide comment despite them being regulars

SSH x29
IST x24
Cotton Pickers x12

Slowsey to the endzone.
Wind sprints for 100yds, 12 merkins, 12 WWII SUs x6
Duck walk 50yds, 12 merkins, Bernie Sanders 50yds, 12 WWII SUs x6

Mosey to tennis court for 4 corners: Gorilla Squats, T-Merkins, WWII SUs, and Carolina Drydocks. 6 reps each for 4 laps

Mosey back to endzone for more wind sprints, merkins, and WWII SUs

Prayers for those traveling. Good health for all, friends, and families.

*Cue overdramatic NMM* YHC was admittedly a little bitter when Chairman’s birthday was recognized earlier that morning, but Podcast and YHC were left out. It made the workout worse by extending the distance of the sprints. PAX were not thrilled to find out the omission was fixed 3 minutes after the workout was over. False start on YHC.

PAX recognized Podcast’s birthday with the SSH and YHC’s throughout the rest of the Q. YHC stole the birthday sprints from another PAX who did it last year and thus absolved himself of responsibility for the idea. Granted, YHC’s youth kept the quantity low.

PAX were very concerned when YHC literally walked from the flag to the end zone in true “death march” fashion. Rump Roast was given the option to modify the distance of running, but he was with the pack the entire workout – something he couldn’t’ve done a mere two months ago. Though the rest of the PAX appreciated his comments towards YHC the entire morning.

Sally called out YHC for not being creative with the sprints, so YHC added the 4 corners in the middle of the sprints for an extra dose of 6×4 OCD. Albeit, after the first few rounds of sprints mumblechatter desisted.

As promised, cookies were provided much to the enjoyment of the PAX after a spiteful beatdown. Merry Christmas everyone.