The Bridge

PAX: AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Coach K, Chairman Mao, Teasip, Aaarrrggghhh, Icebox, F150, Mile High, Toto, Belk Bowl & Nimbus (F3 Nashville)
QIC: Special Sauce

AO: Glencoe Park
Given…still not a professional

SSH, IST, Hillbilly, Cotton Pickers, Windmill

10 Pull Ups
70 Squats
50 Lunges (each leg)
55 Burpees
50 Irkins
50 Dirkins
50 Dips
3 Miles Traversed

Mosey to playground for 2 rounds of 5 pull-ups and 10 squats.

Mosey to base of the bridge.
Partner 1 bearcrawls up the bridge while partner 2 lunges behind. Switch as necessary until you reach the top.

5 burpees at top of bridge.
Down the stairs for 10 reps each of Irkins dirkins and dips
Run back up the stairs for 5 burpees
Run to the bottom of the ramp for 10 squats into 10 lunges each leg
Run back up to the top of the bridge for 5 burpees.
Repeato x 5

2 minutes of Mary without letting feet touch the ground.
Homer to Marge, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Big Flutter Kicks, Toe Touches, 6 inch hold.

Fast Mosey Back to the flag for COT

Great to have F150 back out with us with a somewhat healthy knee, hopefully continued good news with the house. Prayers for all of the F3 babies and babies to be. Safe travels and happy holidays to all and their families.

Tclaps to Icebox for coming up with a spontaneous workout for he and F150 that was bummed knee friendly. Not too much mumble chatter from the group as we were moving the majority of the time.AlrightAlright questioned what was going on with Teasip hood during warmorama…YHC drew a reference to the little Nicky movie. Great to have nimbus with us from F3 Nashville and Toto back out with us for his 2nd F3 beatdown (must’ve taken him a while to recover from Memorial Day murph). He texted me afterwards to let me know that since he’s now 30, he can’t just jump back into it like he used to #old . Look for more Toto sightings at upcoming workouts as he gets back into the groove. Glad that I’ve come to understand Coach K personality, because the look that he have YHC at the end of the bridge workout looked a lot like the look someone would give you if they wanted to throw you off of a bridge.

It’s impossible to outwork a holiday diet, but it doesn’t hurt to offset some of the holiday calories. Keep showing up this week!