Katy Trail doesn’t always mean Trail

AO: La Madeleine

SSH x15
IST x15
Overhead Claps x15
Monkey Humpers x5

Long Distance Training
Native American Run: West on Mockingbird, North on Ownby, East towards Morrison-Bell Track, North to The Mustang parking deck, up the ramps to the top

Middle Distance Training
Jacob’s Ladder the length of the parking deck. T-Merkins 7:1, WWI Sit-Ups 1:7

Sprints and Strength
Dirty McDeuce: 4 rounds of Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Sprint after each round, 12 reps of each exercise

Elevation Training
Run up ramps of parking deck with stop at each level for increasing burpees (total of 10)

Mosey back to La Madeleine


PAX: Coach K, F150, Ina, Steve
QIC: AlrightAlright

YHC prayed us out thanking God for the motivation to get up and exercise this morning. We also prayed for safe travels for Steve as he continues his road trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles.

AlrightAlright noted that attendance was down, and that it was probably because he had the Q.

Steve (this is actually his F3 name) joined us in the gloom this morning. He is on his way from New Orleans to LA where he will be producing a new show on Netflix. The name of the show escaped AlrightAlright at the time of this writing.

Not much #mumblechatter as the PAX were sucking wind for most of the beatdown. Although at one point Coach K suggested that the amount of cardio at the workout was the reason that no one shows up when AlrightAlright has the Q.

The goal of the workout was for the PAX to get a different cardio training than they usually get on #katytrailthursday. Mission accomplished.

1. SecondF Ticket Summer Bash at YHC’s pool at 1645/1700ish on Friday June 15th.
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