Legs Feed the Wolf

Date: 8/1/19

AO: Liberty Park in Plano, TX

Conditions: Hot N’ Humid

PAX: Walmart, Boomer, Eruzione, Rabbit, QIC: The (Scranton) Stranger

Mosey around the campus
Good Mornings
10 Imperials IC
10 Squats
11 Baby Arm Circles IC
11 Reverse Baby Arm Circles IC
11 Overhead Presses IC
100 SSH IC

(with it being Coolio’s Birthday, the playlist started out with a little Gangsta’s Paradise, then rolled through some Kanye and ended with Chance)

The Thang
1) Wind sprints – With a total of 4 tennis courts, we sprinted across three and walked one. At the end of each sprint we did 10 hand release push ups and subtracted one all the way down to 0 after each run. (First sprint 10, second sprint 9, third sprint 8….)

2) Bear Crawl 11’s – Bear crawl down then crawl bear back in between each set with Split leg jumps on one end and squats on the other. Therefore, we bear crawled across one tennis court and did 20 split leg jumps (10 each leg) then crawl bear’d back to do 1 squat and worked our way through.

Lunged the entire length of all 4 tennis courts
20 Flutter kicks IC
20 High plank ankle touches with each ankle counting for 1
20 Hand release merkins

Circle of Trust, Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama:

Announcements: looking to do 2 – 2nd F events in August. One being a family friendly event, potentially grilling out at a park (More info to come). The other being a guy’s hangout/happy hour at a brewery, maybe Tupps brewery in McKinney? Taking suggestions. Also, Rabbit is taking dinner and gift cards over to his friends house whose child, Caleb, had a major back surgery (they had to split his entire back open). Venmo Rabbit if you feel called to give: venmo @nathan-newsome or 469-332-6429 or just give him some cash money.

Mumblechatter was light as the humidity did a number on us but on a legs focused day, Boomer let it be known that The Legs Feed the Wolf.

Prayer requests: we lifted up Caleb after his back surgery and for the long recovery ahead of him. Also, Rabbit’s friend Corey’s father who is on hospice and could go at any moment, such a hard time for the family but also a celebration of life as they bond together through this difficult time. We also prayed for Boomer’s friend, Zach, whose dad had chest pains and is in the hospital, I am sure there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty as this came unexpectedly. In addition, I’d like to lift up my Grandmother who is in hospice with a failing heart, not sure when she is getting the call, but her heart and soul are ready.

Writing this backblast, it reminded me of when F3 Nation lost our brother Dark Visor (from F3 Alpha), their message from that event was clear: “We don’t know when we will be called home. Live life like you are dying since we all are. Make your peace with your creator. My bags are packed.” With that being said, as we grow together as Men who need a savior, my prayer is that we help equip each other not only to take on the day and grow in our faith but also to enjoy every moment we have together as brothers. My bags are packed, are yours?

Pleasure to serve,
Taylor Brasher – Strangler