Second Choice Thursdays w/Rump & Co. – The F3 Workout Deck

Date: 8/1/2019
Temp: 82
Weather: Humid but nice for August One

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX:  Ultra, Capsize
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Discaimer: Given

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama
I’m calling this the Coach K “Dynamic Warm-up” from Glenco (7/10th of a mile covered)
IST x 20 IC @ the park
– mosey down University to Airline Dr. and up to Daniel

SSH x 20 IC @ the lil’ corner garden
– mosey down Daniel to Dublin

Ranger Merks x 20 IC @ NE corner of park
– mosey onward to Boedecker and back towards University

Dancing Bears x 10 IC @ corner of Univ and Boedecker
– mosey back to park

Now that we’re properly warmed up…

The Thang:
Started with “The Wheell of Merkins” x7

The F3 workout deck – we played cards for 28mins got thru 11 cards
– Shuffle the deck, one PAX cut, then each PAX pulls a card and we all suffer together. –  “pain brings you closer together”

– # card = the number + 10reps (example 2 card = 12reps)
– Face cards = 25reps
– Ace = 100reps
– Jokers Wild = 50reps (Burpees)

 – 100M = across the field and back

Cards pulled in pretty close order – 17x Derkins, 300M sprint, 18x backward lunges (DC), 14x Heels to Heaven, 18x  Merkins, 19x Low, Slow Squat, 100x arm circles, 20x decline Merkin, 25x Merkins, 400M sprint, 200M sprint
***PAX decided that YHC needed to do a better job at shuffling the deck)***

Finished with 2min of Mary – WWII Sit ups till clock hit 615

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Rump prayed us out

No tunes today

 For a moment I thought it was going to be Ultra and myself then Capsized rolled up on us during SST’s (I actually meant to start with IST’s to be crazy but am so “preprogrammed” I did them in order) right before we moseyed off. Ultra commented that he thought it was “no running”. I would say i try to make it a normal boot camp, we covered about 2.25mi today plus exercises and kept an good pace and still found time for a little mumblechatter. Ultra told YHC I looked like I have “slimmed down 50lbs”, I told him I wasn;t sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult!?!? The sprinklers came on so we had to omaha the running and used the parking lot across the street down and back x2 for 400M… on the 200M we did down and back, then for the 300M we did a down and back and picked up the six. It was a great beatdown but we do need to shuffle them better next time. To YHC’s credit, they watched me and then @Ultra cut the deck. ALL HIS FAULT! 
Speaking of all his fault we did count off or do the name-o-rama! Shame on me

– Q Source tomorrow @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish
– 2nd F this Saturday Aug, 03 at 1900 at HG Supply for a co-birthday party for Sally, Rump, and there was one more person with an upcoming B-day