AO: Liberty Park in Plano, TX

Conditions: Next time – bring your bugspray….

PAX: Eruzione, Walmart, Mookie, QIC: The (Scranton) Stranger

Quick Mosey
10 Good mornings
10 Imperials
10 Hillbillies
10 Baby Arm Circles – 10 Reverse
10 Overhead Presses
100 SSH’s

The Thang
Workstation 1) 10 – 100 Yard Sprints with 10 Merkins after each run (totaled 1,000 yards of sprinting and 100 Merkins)

Workstation 2) Walking lunges – for a full lap around the track. Which Mookie commented that the Vines High School track is actually longer than .25 of a mile.

Good mornings OYO

Circle of Trust, Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama:
I believe this was the first time we all met in the same spot…. a lot of progress there.

Prayer requests: General prayer for the overall safety and well being of everyone’s children.

Pleasure to serve,

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