…Ruck Monday

PAX: Icebox, Coach K
QIC: Ant Man

Good ruck this morning. Sorry for the late backblast, the Band website is now banned at work… some of this backblast is based on true events.

We went 2.36 miles in 41 minutes. No mutts today so we are getting the cold nose from them. Coach K had to endure some talk about nannies between Icebox and I. Vanderbilt looks like they might lose their College World Series game tonight so Coach K might be in good spirits tomorrow. We made fun of Camp Gladiator some for cancelling their workout and I thought it would be nice to invite a girl who showed up to CG to workout with us. Sally quickly shot that down and reminded us of the 4 (or 5?) tenants of F3.

This is VQ week. Be there!