MRM is Back!


AlrightAlright and Plus One joined YHC and Maverick for this AM’s ruck. Temp was awesome, company even better.

Topics of conversation covered who’d you want to see 5 days in a row, Pepper was high on the list, but I’d love to see anyone 5 days in a row these days…Iron PAX cheaters and the shoulder/quad obsessed Greenwood PAX…who would be on the F3 Dallas All-Star Ruck team (where were you this AM F150??)…the meeting Oatmeal and I need to have with the M’s so we can make show up on the same day and make the Lindsley Park AO a reality

Good pace today, 15:21, motivated by not wanting to be lapped by PowPow

MRM is back, look forward to the coming weeks!