Reindeer Games 12/22

Ina Special Sauce Sally Coach K Teasip Rump Roast joined YHC for reindeer Games

Disclaimer!! (Came in handy, see below)


Reindeer run (a Native American run where you run next to a partner the whole time) to the track

Reindeer game #1: jump rope waterfall, all the PAX jumped rope until failure, once done start doing burpees until all are done

Native American runs around the track:
As promised I built in some modifying for Rump Roast (he wasn’t buying it after the Reindeer Run) so he hung out in the corner of the track while two of us stuck with him and did an exercise while the remaining 4 did a lap. We did this until every runner completed a mile. The alternating exercises included arm circles, shoulder presses, overhead claps, LBC’s, and some other ab stuff.

Reindeer Game #2- jump rope waterfall again

Moseyed to a fountain that was turned off for Reindeer Game #3: Merkin Tag, like freeze tag but instead of freezing you had to do merkins after you were tagged. This was pretty tough when only one person was it so we Omaha’d and had two PAX be it at a time.

Moseyed back to Burleson for Reindeer Game #4: Burpee Basketball- Ina, Rump Roast, Teasip, and Special Sauce v YHC, Coach K, and Sally. When the other team scored a basket you had to do 10 burpees for the first one and 5 for the second

Reindeer Game #5: football, kept the same teams but Rump Roast was all time QB. Whenever a pass was completed the defense did 5 merkins, when it was incomplete the offense did 5 merkins

The PAX were confused when I didn’t bust out the beats box and even more confused when we started out with a running exercise. Ina pointed out that ever since I got my new kicks I’ve become a different person with all the running (he’s not wrong, the Brooks Ghost shoes kick ass).

We had a little difficulty figuring out reindeer runs, maybe with more people it’d be easier.

Jump rope waterfalls were pretty fun, wish AlrightAlright could have been there so he’d have to do burpees for 5 minutes.

Note to Q’s who want to play merkin tag in the future- play on grass, Sally and Coach K fell and banged up their hands pretty bad. Sorry about that Fellas, I’ll do better next time

Basketball was fun but boy do we suck, final score was the Rump Roasters 2, UVA Sally’s 1…I’ll keep bringing the round ball out, maybe in a few weeks we’ll get double digit scoring.

Rump Roast had a QB rating of -17, only scores were pick 6’s…I blame it on that he did merkins after every play regardless of outcome and it clearly effected his throwing arm

YHC prayed us out and gave Teasip a case of beer so he keeps posting my backblasts on the website

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