PAX: AlrightAlright, Coach K, Draper, Icebox, Oatmeal, Pepper, Pow Pow, Rump Roast, Siesta, Special Sauce
QIC: Sally

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x 15
IST x 15
Hold-a-plank/groiners while 2 PAX do burpees

NW corner of Burleson, 1 block north, and 1 block west. Exercises included squats, merkins, ski abs, and flutters. Backwards run 1 of the blocks.

Jailbreak to the top of the parking deck – use the stairs

15 irkins, 15 derkins

Dora 1-2-2
P1 runs around the top level of the parking deck. P2 starts completing:
100 merkins
200 calf raises
200 gorilla squats

Parking deck gasser (suicide)
Starting line is the top of the parking garage – run down 2 ramps (to the next “level”) and back up the stairs. Repeato with each level going down. 10 Carolina Dry-Docks each time you reach the top.

Run down to the bottom of the deck. 15 burpees.

Grab-a-bench (a-what) and partner up
P1 does bear cakes (hold a plank and alternate touching hand to opposite foot). P2 does 10 box jumps before switching. Go to 100 total.

Mosey to fountain in front of Dallas Hall

Upper-Body Time
Moroccan Nightclubs and The Bird x 20 IC
Grab-a-bench, 4 sets of 10 dips and 10 derkins

Mosey back to fountain in front of garage
15 get-ups (no hands)

Mosey back to soft-top

Done intra-workout


11 PAX emerged from the gloom for a Saturday-morning beatdown. Beautiful weather at around 40 degrees, minimal wind – Ina would have loved it.

Warm-up included some good mumblechatter directed at the Q, which was quickly Corrected with penalty burpees. Can’t stop mumblechatter forever, though.

Wanted to get in some early cardio, so quickly left Sorority Row on a mosey. Somewhere around the first pearl Pepper revealed that the Burleson workout did about 175 merkins and 220 squats yesterday. The next routine, unfortunately, was a Dora with 100 merkins and 200 gorilla squats, which YHC swears he pre-planned. (Focus on those fundamentals, baby!)

When PAX were given the chance to run to the top of the parking deck via the stairs or the ramps, the first couple PAX chose the stairs. This led to some jeers from the backPAX, but in truth we were all appreciative of the choice.

Much discussion was to be had about what to name the alternating toe touches – bear cakes, cake crabs, and at least one other YHC can’t remember were among the suggestions – bear cakes seemed to stick. Those were kind of terrible, in YHC’s humble opinion.

Some of the memorable mumblechatter directed at the Q:
“You picked the hardest exercise to do the most of?”
“There is no plan.”
“Why did we have to run here to do this?”
“Out of all the exercises that you didn’t count, you chose to count these?”
“There’s a soft-top about 100 yards away.”
“Sally we aren’t friends anymore.”

Good stuff.

Several PAX went to Bubba’s and had some good coffeeteria – mumblechatter included the Big 4, Christmas cards, old methods of playing music (cassettes, Walkman, 8-tracks), and a recent cool business/tech conference.

1. Lots of stuff coming up in December. Martin Mingle and Jingle, Official Holiday Party, Marathon Relay

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