Uptown Funk

DATE: 11/23/2019

TEMP: 37

WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Felt great once we got moving.



PAX: Maverick, Mookie, Me Too, Eruzione, Walmart

QIC: Walmart.

AO: Liberty Park.




-SSH x25 IC

-Merkin x10 IC

-Squat x15 IC

Native American Run around the park–about 1 mile.


THE THANG: the Uptown 50. Q placed a cone at an endzone and a cone at the 50 yard line. PAX had to do the following workouts between each cone, with 10 burpees each time PAX arrive at a cone (50 total).

-Burpee Broad Jump

-Crab Walk

-Partner Carry (P1)

-Partner Carry (P2)

-Alligator Crawl

-Wheelbarrow (P1)

-Wheelbarrow (P2)

-Nur (Run Backwards)

-AYG (Sprint)

-Bear Crawl



-Freddie Mercury x10 IC

-Uptown Crunch right over left x10 IC

-Uptown Crunch left over right x10 IC


MOLESKIN: PAX talked about the recent 2nd F event. Good mumblechatter about Green Day, Weezer, Jack White, and Maverick’s being on the jumbotron at Seaworld.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Q schedule will be a little different for the week of Thanksgiving. No workout on Thanksgiving day. Instead, we’ll be joining F3 Dallas for the Barkley Marathons workout on Black Friday.