Route 66 with F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops x20
Squats IC x20
Cotton Pickers x20
Plank Shoulder Taps IC x20
Arm Circles IC x15 both ways
Cheerleader IC x10

At each glow stick along the route add one rep to each exercise – 11 stations – 6 exercises = 66
Exercise 1 = Monkey Squats
Exercise 2 = Squats
Exercise 3 = Burpees
Exercise 4 = Merkins
Exercise 5 = Mountain Climbers
Exercise 6 = Carolina Dry-docks (did not get to due to time)

Hold Al Gore until all in after each round

Hello Dolly IC x20
Flutter Kicks IC x21
Box Cutters IC x18

PAX: AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, BOOMER, Hippy, Teasip, Pepper, Oo-De-Lally (FNG)
QIC: F150

F150 shared what his Discipler shared with him that we are all like a bucket, when it is filled with water and carried through a crowd is spills over onto people. The same is true with us when we are filled with Christ and we interact with others, our life ought to spill out into others lives. Am I splashing on the life of others around me?

There was much mumblechatter this morning whether it was focused on F150s 4 count abilities…or really the lack of the ability during our warmups. What was up with that Cheerleader warmup?!? During Route 66 some of the PAX embodied one of our focuses which is to not leave anyone behind. In between each of the rounds our PAX tried to guess the next exercise or they may have been suggesting some for future workouts. There was one moment in between round where all the PAX seemed to be starring at Aaarrrggghhh who was starring at AlrightAlright…it was clear to 1/2 the PAX that Aaarrrggghhh was asked for a 10 count and 1/2 thought AlrightAlright. Tunnel of love was requested but F150 thought it best to not subject Oo-De-Lally to such.