Honoring VA Tech Students

AO:Glencoe Park


SSH x32
IST x32

GI Jane:
1/2 mile
Burpee Pull Ups x174
1/2 mile


PAX: Teasip
QIC: Coach K


Teasip joined YHC in the gloom for a beatdown in honor of the VA Tech massacre that happened 11 years ago. For those who don’t know, I was living in Virginia at the time and knew two students that passed, which is why it’s a big deal for me. I made this workout four years ago in remembrance of them and the other 30. Description of the workout and why I made it below if you’re interested (obviously heavier subject matter, fair warning)

11 years ago, two students were shot in their dorm. About two hours later, 30 more people were killed. Among them were five faculty and 27 students. Thus we have 32 reps in honor of them. The workout is made like the Murph and every other hero workout: when you’re in pain you think of what they went through and power on. In this case, it was 174 rounds of gunfire. If you’re wondering why schools have upgraded security alert systems, it’s because students weren’t alerted of the shooting until 2 hours after it started because it wasn’t considered an “active threat”.

A holocaust survivor held the door shut so his students could escape through the window – once they had all escaped he let the door go and was shot. An ROTC officer charged at the gunman giving the other students he was with time to run away but was shot in the process. Another professor managed to sneak his students to his office with a locked door. While he was trying to check on the situation he was shot. These three should be remembered for their sacrifices.

All this to say, we’ve been put in each other’s lives for a reason. Being a hero isn’t necessarily taking a bullet for someone. It can be as simple as helping a coworker, friend, relative, neighbor, or even just saving yourself. Doesn’t matter how big or small – cause the world needs what little good it can find. Thankful for all y’all men