Rump & Company vs. Rocky || “The BALBOA”

Date: 6/20/2019
Temp: 75
Weather: Clear with just a few pillow sized clouds. Moon was still out bright, it was awesome!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX:  Sweet Baby and Stingray
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park / Dallas Hall

Disclaimer: Given

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama
IST x 20 IC
Ranger Merkins x 16 IC
Dancing Bears x 10  IC
Cotton Pickers x 10  IC
Mickey Mouse Merkins x 10 OYO

Mosey to Dallas Hall stopping along the way for “Wheel of Merkins” and stopping again for some Rocky Balboa’s x20 IC (Tip: remember to turn off your speaker after Q’ing, double check it’s charged the night BEFORE you’re going to use it) YHC’s speaker was dead and as I figured this out I forgot all about 2 stops I had planned, we moseyed all the way to Dallas Hall)

The Thang:
Right out of the @Special Sauce playbook we did the BALBOA using a modified version. We around the fountain and since there were not enough for teams we modified on the count.

Partner up, P1 runs around the fountain, P2 gets cracking on these:
Burpees (50)
Arm Circles (100 forward and backward) I Omaha’d tp 100ttl 50x each direction… Shouldn’t have
LBC’s (150)
Big boy sit-ups (200) – Omaha’d to 100 for time
Overhead Claps (250) – Omaha’d to 100 for time
American Hammers (300, each side is one)  – didn’t get to these due to time

Moseyed back to Burleson for CoT (Was going to stop along the way for “Dirty Hook-ups” but didn’t have time).

Circle of Trust (CoT):
I took a moment to talk up and do my version of “selling” the 2 PAX on coming out or at least reading along with Q-Source that it’s a very cool curriculum that I feel safe saying we’ve all been interested in and feel as if we’ve taken something away from it. Leadership training… Part of getting better and Living Right! Stingray is having his VQ a week from today at Second Choice Thursday, let’s get some guys out to support him, the Katy Trail will still be there “next week”! 

Playlist (Also provided by @Special Sauce):
Rocky F3 – By Brian Mack

There was too much, I was feeling gassed, lethargic, and overall just lack of “umph” this morning. Seeing two bright faces out there with me helped but then, disaster struck with my portable speaker not being charged, it threw me off. Then, I shouldn’t have Omaha’d the arm circles – 100 was too easy.  We (meaning me) didn’t run hard enough in between sets. I felt we were all a little lazy in some of our transitions and chit-chatting rather than putting in work. It was a good work out none-the-less but I feel like the 3 of us could have pushed harder.  I tried to impart my “sage wisdom” on @Stingray for his VQ next week.  I told him OYO is your friend, prepare more than you think you’ll need and still add Mary JiC.