Rump’s cussin’…must be doing something right

PAX: Draper, Sex Panther, Sweet Baby, Shooting Star (FNG – Welcome!), Rump Roast, Coach K, Chairman Mao, Sally, Island Time
QIC: PowPow

AO: Burleson Park

Immediate mosey to the quad, where YHC used the warm up to lay out the bases of the “Diamond” for a 7 of Diamonds workout.

Home:  SSH x 15 – High knees & butt kicks to 1st

First:  IST x 10 – Carioca L & R to 2nd

Second:  Windmills x 10 – Sprint 80% to 3rd

Third:  Dancing bears x 10 – Sprint 90% to Home

Four rounds of 7 of diamonds, as follows:

First round: Partner carry the basepaths, stopping for 7xBurpees at each base and at home  (Total : 28 Burpees)

Second round: As a group, Carioca the basepaths, stopping for COP of 14xSki Abs IC at each base and home (Total: 56 Ski Abs where twice across counts as 1)

Third round: OYO – Lunge the basepaths, stopping for 21xMerkins at each base and at home (Total: 84 Merkins)

Fourth round: As a group, run the basepaths backwards, stopping for COP of 28xLBCs IC (Single count) at each base and home (Total: 102 LBCs)

Done as fourth round

YHC shared his gratitude for the men who came to get better today and help and inspire YHC to keep improving daily. Asked the group to keep our brothers who are traveling in their thoughts.

Rump Roast expressed his displeasure with YHC during the warmup! (and at various points throughout) There was a fair bit of running required to get through the warmup and Rump had just done the EC ruck, so perhaps understandable, but YHC took it as quite the compliment nonetheless.

After completing the first round, Coach K offered to partner carry both Sex Panther and Sweet Baby simultaneously…and he may have been serious.

During the second round, YHC proposed that Special Sauce’s modified Carioca (Carioca with a high knee by the trailing leg) should be called the Texas Two-Step…Sally and Draper seemed to like it, hoping that catches on.

The quad was set up for some kind of festival with trash cans and traffic barriers everywhere and a big string of christmas/outdoor patio lights. Fortunately, our “basepaths” were not blocked and all the extra stuff made it a little more interesting to workout in the quad today. Seems like the campus is coming back to life after the typical quiet summer.

YHC intended this as training for the quarterly fitness test, with 8 rounds planned and all exercises taken from the test (Burpees, Ski Abs, Merkins, Calf Raises, LBCs, Carolina Dry Dock, Deep Squats, and Russian Hammers)…although we only got through 4 rounds today.  The bases were pretty spread out, which was good for cardio but challenging for time….YHC will Q this one again at some point and will set it up with shorter basepaths.

Shooting Star (Tclaps to Chairman for the EH) got the name because he was wearing socks with cartoon comets on them….apparently this is the mascot of UT Dallas, his alma mater.

1. Lake Highlands launch coming soon
2. CSAUP in 10 weeks from yesterday – Sally and Sweet Baby are leading the charge on Extra Credit rucks so look for announcements on Twitter and Band


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