Six PAX and a Half Dozen More

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Mile High, Coach K, Teasip, Helmet, Pepper, Special Sauce, Cinco (From F3 Birmingham, now living in Fort Worth)
QIC: Sally

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given. Definitely not a professional.

Seal Jacks x 16 IC
Hairy Rockettes x 15 IC
Overhead Press x 24 OYO
Windmill x 14 IC
American Hammers 20 OYO


Partner up, complete as a team:
100 pull-ups
20 bropees (burpees with high ten at the top)

Mosey to the Parking Garage.
Up the first two levels: Modified Native American Run with lunges and runner weaving among the PAX instead of end-around style; AKA “Black Lunge”

Circle up at level 2; “Hundreds” (or maybe ~”82ish’s”)

Up the last two levels: Modified Native American Run with bear crawl, runner again weaving; AKA “Black Bear”

Circle up, complete as a team 240 howling monkey humpers; each PAX completes however many he wants and passes on the rest

Crawl bear down (with partial forward bear crawl down the last flight)

Mosey to the Tennis Court.
Suicide B.O.M.S.; modified for time – Partner up, one PAX does B.O.M.S. while the other does suicides on the court lines
B. – Burpees (30)
O. – Overhead press (~65)
M. – Merkins (~50)
S. – Squats (~50)

Partially done throughout as PAX held planks while our 12-man crew caught up with itself.

Final round of Mary was “Dr. W” x 10:
8-count exercise; 1 is legs apart like a Low Dolly, 2 is legs together, 3 is raise the legs to Rosalita position (45-60 degrees-ish), 4 is spread ‘em, 5 is The W (hands together and stretching forward between your legs), 6 is return to your back (legs still up), 7 is legs together, 8 is legs down. Slightly confusing but emphasized that the W is on the 5 count, helps break up the counting and keep in cadence

Circled up and prayed for all PAX needing healing, safe travels during the upcoming holiday season, and right perspective on the holiday season. Gave thanks for all of our blessings including and especially each other’s fellowship.

First, welcome to Cinco, who originates from F3 Birmingham. Cinco and family (including correlating number of children) moved to Fort Worth earlier this year. He committed to driving from Fort Worth every Friday.

At 5:28 there were 5 PAX present. At 5:29 there were 8, and at 5:30, 11. Aaarrrggghhh showed up at ~5:34, had gone to wrong AO but still made it in time for most of the WU.

WU: All PAX shocked that 1) we did not start with SSH and 2) there were no IST’s. During Hairy Rockettes, Pepper was caught in between two PAX doing alternating direction kicks. Turns out YHC did not specify the starting direction.

Tha Thang: With 12 PAX the mumblechatter was strong and constant – almost always someone to converse with. During pull-ups, all PAX including YHC began jumping and/or counting a ~20 degree change in arm angle as 1 rep. We’ll get there.

As mentioned above “Hundreds” turned into maybe “82ish’s” for most PAX; difficult exercise on its own, made worse by the concrete.

Due to time constraint, B.O.M.S. was severely restricted on the tennis courts. During YHC’s modifications it was mentioned B.O.M.S. is the “hillbilly” version of B.O.M.B.S.

Dr. W’s are both killer and excellent. Some PAX faked confusion in order to delay the exercise, but the exercise was in the end executed very well.

KOTTERS to Helmet, good to see him. Strong showing with 12 of us total, solid way to start wrapping up the week and head into the holiday weekend.

1. CSAUP March 2nd – 5-hours of exercise, our own way to have a mudder/race without paying $99 + registration fee and taxes. We’ll have 5 AO’s represented. Anyone is welcome to help plan. More details to come.
2. Run Ranger Run signup for February is active – 7 spots left.
3. In addition to AA and Mile High, YHC is recommending the 43 Feet podcast. YHC is only through episode ~6, but it’s been great and is improving. Can do ~half a podcast in a commute.